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Evaluation for Module 1-Service Excellence
1. Please provide AHA feedback on the course content, design and structure of this module.
Strongly Disagree
Disagree Neutral Agree
Strongly Agree
The objectives of the training series were clearly stated at the start of the course.
The course objectives were achieved.
The content of the training was well organized and logically sequenced.
The content of the training was relevant to improving service to Jollibee customers and clients.
The length of the course was sufficient to cover the content.
The topics covered were engaging and interesting.
The course provided information and insights that will help me improve my performance in my job.
The exercises, quizzes and interactive components were relevant to the course content.
Undertaking the course has motivated me to take specific steps to improve my work performance.
2. Please provide AHA feedback based on the extent to which the online medium used to deliver the course was supportive of the training.
Strongly Disagree
Disagree Neutral Agree
Strongly Agree
Instructions about how to log on and access the training program online were clear and easy to follow.
The convenience of taking the course at my own pace and at my own time was a major benefit of this learning experience.
The online format and how the course was presented online held my attention and was stimulating.
I did not feel like I was lacking in technical skill to take full advantage of the training.
I did not have difficulty accessing a computer in order to undertake the online training.
I was always able to view the training presentations and participate fully without connection speed issues.
3. Please provide feedback based on the online discussions set up specifically for each module. If you did not take advantage of the discussions, please skip this question.
Strongly Disagree
Disagree Neutral Agree
Strongly Agree
The discussions topics enhanced my learning of the content of the training.
I looked forward to the discussion topics each session.
The discussion topics were boring.
The discussion forums would have been more interesting if more Jollibee staff had participated in the discussions.
4. Did you experience any technical difficulties while undertaking the online training program?
(If yes, please explain below. Otherwise, continue to next question)

5. Which among the sessions listed below did you find most useful and interesting?
(You may select more than one)
Session 1 - The "a ha!" Experience
Session 2 - Catch the Spirit of Service
Session 3 - Image - You are the Company
Session 4 - Customer Magic!

Please describe why you picked this session(s):

6. How would you rate your overall experience of this online training series?
Poor       Below AverageAverageAbove AverageOutstanding 
7. Please let us know how we can make your online learning experience more relevant and effective: